Canned Ham Brands Ranked From Worst To Best - Hormel Foods

2022-06-25 02:01:41 By : Mr. Liu Gary

At the number one spot on this list, we have Hormel® Canned Smoked Ham. We had low expectations for this ham but were shocked by its high quality. Hormel Smoked Ham comes in a round 5-ounce container, and unlike the brand’s canned chicken, which did poorly in our canned chicken ranking, this product actually tastes pretty amazing. It is made with smoke flavoring and ground ham and is cured in the perfect amount of sugar and salt.

We’ve had a lot to say about the other canned hams on this list, but with Hormel’s Ham, we’d rather stop talking and just eat it. This was the most flavorful canned meat on this list, and if we did a blind taste test, we wouldn’t be able to tell this was canned. Reviews on Amazon for this product are overwhelmingly positive. One customer wrote that Hormel’s ham is “Great for breakfast. Easy to break apart and use how much you want. Tasty and good quality with low fat content.” This meat is not only simple to prepare, but also great to add in tacos, meat pies, or any recipes you want to try that require ham.